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Getting your Cap Gun collection on this website only involves two steps. (1) Buy them all!!!!! and (2) Send some quality photos to me along with some nice descriptions. After all, the whole purpose of this website is to show the world some of the finest examples of our heritage and also to teach people that they don't have to be "politically correct," for Cap Guns are probably never again going to be "politically correct." Strange thing, though...little kids used to wear a six-gun on each hip and a cowboy hat and run like maniacs all over the neighborhood, but hardly a one of them ever pulled a real gun on another human being. When I was a gun-toting kid, murder was something you read about in the newspapers or dime novels or police magazines. Armed robbery was not unheard of, but everybody knew that little kids weren't going to be the ones who pulled it off. And the cops, why they were our friends and there was no such thing as a policeman who EVER pulled a gun on a child. For one thing, the child thought that the policeman was his friend, and would say "Sir" to him. But that was a different day wasn't it? What happened?

Well, one of the purposes, as stated, of this website is to show the world the kinds of toys we used to play with and there wouldn't be a better place to start than Rich Hall's collection. Believe it or not, Rich has only been collecting Cap Guns since about 1994, but he has had a keen eye for what would be valuable and how to purchase it. He has focused on improving the overall quality of his collection—not on just buying any Cap Gun that comes along. I have had the privilege of talking to him many times, as he knew my Uncle Talley and has specialized in Nichols Cap Guns. So, I proudly offer the Rich Hall Collection. You can contact Rich at:
or call him at: 260-627-0584. And be sure to visit his website at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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Our good friend, Rich Hall.
Photo by another good friend to this website, Bill Murphy

Ok, get a towel to clean up the drool while you check out the guns in this collection. Rich says that although he has a lot of duplicates, that most of the duplicates are variations of some sort or the other. For instance, look at the box on the right. It is a combination of a Stallion 45 MK-II and DYNA-MITE. Very rare!

As we used to say in chemistry class, "A little is good, more is better and too much is just enough." I really hate to say this, but the photos in this collection are just the tip of the iceberg for this man's collection.

As was mentioned on the Pasadena Stallion 45 page, Tex Tan sold a lot of Nichols Cap Guns in the early days. They were our friends in Yoakum, Texas. Here's the box from the 2nd Nichols Cap Gun ever made, the Mustang, also called (slightly later) the Silver Mustang.

Check back to the Pasadena Stallion 45 page and you will see a DIFFERENT Stallion 45 box from Tex Tan. THIS is the box that is much more rare!!!

Notice that the picture of this Silver Colt doesn't have all of the fancy scrollwork that we think of when we see a Silver Colt. On our Silver Colt page there is an example of a Silver Colt without the scrollwork and also a story about it.

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