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Actoy Cap Guns

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Actoy seemed to make a lot of Lone Ranger Cap Guns. However, it is hard to tell very much about Lone Ranger guns, as there don't seem to be a lot out there on the market. Therefore, I think they are probably pretty good investments. They also made Wyatt Earp guns.

Actoy can also be found (when listed) as Esquire, as I think they are one and the same company. However, you will find different names, so maybe they merged later. Jamie Linford says that he thinks Esquire is the parent company.

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Rare Stevens 49-er in BRONZE!
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This is a mighty fine way to start the Actoy section, with a BUNCH of them from Steve!

This photo by Steve Arlin.

Okay, the bottom TWO are Leslie-Henrys, but this is a pretty good picture of some of the long barreled guns of that era.
This photo by Brian Roeder.

2 Johnny Ringo Sets by Actoy
Here's 2 nice (and rare!) Double Johnny Ringo sets from Actoy in excellent shape. Anything that says "Johnny Ringo" is highly prized, which is a little strange, considering that he was a villain, but I guess some people want to play the villain occasionally. Johnny Ringo was an outlaw member of The Cowboys of Cochise County, of the American Old West, who was affiliated with Ike Clanton and Frank Stilwell in Cochise County, Arizona Territory during 1881–1882. He has been depicted in books, TV shows, and movies.
All photos thanks to Jim Mair

The Wyatt Earp Buntline Special by Actoy
Wyatt Earp used a special Colt 45 Peacemaker, called the Buntline Special, at least on TV. It had a VERY long barrel. (about 10 inches) Nobody ever mentioned that a barrel length that long is TERRIBLE for fast draws! But that's showbiz! But it must not have caused too much trouble, as Wyatt Earp lived until 1929 (almost 81 years old). The moral of this story is that every smart American should buy a Buntline Special.

These photos are thanks to our new friend Peter Adam of New Zealand, which, according to the photos that people send me, must be about the most beautiful place on earth.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

And here's a Buntline set with Custom Holsters. These holsters even have a picture of the guns engraved into them!

Presented by Scott McCollum - One of Our Advertisers

And a Bronze Buntline!

Presented by Scott McCollum - One of Our Advertisers

Here's a really nice gun that was already famous, but made even more famous by the TV series "Wyatt Earp" in which Hugh O'Brian, as Wyatt Earp ALWAYS carried the famous "Buntline Special" with the extra long barrel. It must have worked, for I don't know of another lawman who lived as long as Wyatt Earp. You can read "BUNTLINE" just in front of the cylinder area on the barrel.

Thanks to Jerry for the photo.

Here's the Buntline Special by Actoy on the card.

Photo by Belinda Quan from Chuck Quinn's collection.

And here's just another fine close-up of this Buntline Special by Actoy.

Photo by Michael Sheehan.

Wyatt Earp Cap Gun by Actoy
Here is an Actoy Cap Gun dedicated to Wyatt Earp. Wyatt Earp must surely have been the longest living lawman or famous Old West figure, having died in 1929 in Los Angeles. Almost 81 years old!

The guns presented here by Christian Christensen are in good condition and are moderately rare. This may be the same Cap Gun as presented above, but the plating is hard to judge.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

All photos thanks to Christian Christensen
Here is another version of the same basic Cap Gun by Actoy from 1955. You will notice that this one lacks some of the intricate scrollwork, as seen easily in the photo on the right. Also notice that the bullet ejector doesn't go as far down the barrel.
Thanks to our friend Doug Hamilton for these two photos.
And here is the box for this simple Actoy/Esquire gun and holster set. Remember that Actoy and Esquire were "in cahoots" and in this case, Actoy furnished the Cap Guns and Esquire furnished the holster set.

Thanks to our friends Bill and Anne Campbell for this photo.

Rare Actoy Spitfire
This Spitfire, although not expensive, is actually quite rare. It is a variation of several of the Actoy series and is similar to the Wyatt Earp above, but you hardly ever see one of these. What is special about this gun is the grips. They are white patriotic grips. They are checkered with a band of stars all around the outer edge. There is a shield inset with five stars across the top. I told you it was rare!

Photos thanks to Dave Klahn of The Ten Gallon Hat

Even More Rare Actoy Bronze Spitfire
This Cap Gun is even MORE RARE than the one above it. And the nice thing about this one, as it is with the better Actoys in this series is that the lanyard ring is NOT broken off.

Photos thanks to John Coatney of J Coatney Leather

The Lone Ranger Cap Gun by Actoy
Lone Ranger Cap Guns being hard to find should probably be taken when you can find them in good condition.

The guns presented here by Paul Barbour are in EXCELLENT condition and are moderately rare.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

All of the above photos thanks to Paul Barbour

Lone Ranger Double Holster Set w/ Actoy Cap Guns
Photos below by Scott McCollum

Here is a nice photo of the same model gun, but this one was taken by Charlie Barnett. Notice that this is the bronze flavored version. Nice photo, huh?

And here's the same bronze Actoy Lone Ranger, but mint on the original card. According to Jim, this one has never even been off of the card once!

Thanks to our friend Jim Mair for this photo. One of our advertisers.

An even more rare SILVER Lone Ranger Actoy Cap Gun!

Thanks to our friend Jim Mair for this photo.

This must be as rare as it gets for this series. A GOLD Lone Ranger.

Thanks to our friend Jim Mair for this photo.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail!

Beautiful Twin Set!

All photos thanks to Willy Henson

Here's an especially nice holster set that is pretty doggone rare!

Presented by Scott McCollum

Actoy Wells Fargo Double Holster Set
Fabulous Wells Fargo Double Holster Set!

Since I am adding this particular variant of the Actoy series very late in the game, it would seem that this set must be pretty rare. After all, none of you have sent me these photos until now and the site has been on the web now for almost 10 years. So if you have a really rare set that is interesting, then send it on.

My preference is always a left and right profile, followed by a left and right close-up of the cylinder area, then a left and right close-up of the grip area. If you have a holster or a box, then that is even better.

Photos thanks to Jayme Beique
All photos thanks to Doug Hamilton
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Actoy Ping-G-G
This was sent in by Paul and I hadn't ever seen it before. It seems to resemble the Wells Fargo gun, but in the Buntline version.

Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

All photos thanks to Paul Zimmerman

Here's the same gun, but mint on the card. It is also on the Esquire page because Esquire was the distributing company for Actoy.

Presented by Paul Zimmerman

This is the rare version of this Actoy Cap Gun, but with the barrel extension.

Presented by Jim Mair

Esquire/Actoy Novelty Company Lone Ranger Box
Even though it does say, "ESQUIRE" on the box, I have stuck it on this page, as it is most probably the box for the Cap Guns and holster directly above.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!
All Photos Courtesy of Scott McCollum

Here is a nice set of these Actoy Cap Guns with a double holster set. The holster set is more rare and has the words, "The Lone Ranger" stamped where the two join together with a buckle.

Thanks to David Denton.

Here are a couple of Cap Guns that you surely won't see every day! These are Lone Ranger Cap Guns! The top one is an Actoy/Esquire Lone Ranger and the bottom one is an Actoy Lone Ranger 32. Notice the little horse's head in the upper area of the grips. Just like the Lone Ranger above, as it is Actoy's logo. I prefer the "Circle N" myself. I wonder why??? The top Cap Gun has a compartment in the bottom of the grip.

If you will notice, the top gun here is just like the example below. Another case of, "Same Gun—Different Name."

Thanks to Steve Arlin for this photo.

Here's an even better photo of the rare Actoy Lone Ranger 32, but also from the right side.

Thanks to Dave Klahn for this photo.

My goodness gracious, but these are nice photos from Belinda Quan of Chuck Quinn's Lone Ranger Cap Gun!!! The bottom photo shows the little release just in front of the grip for the secret compartment inside the handle.

Here's a remarkable set of four Lone Ranger Cap Guns from Actoy that belongs to Chuck Quinn. The top one is similar to the Restless Gun version. Folks, THIS ONE IS RARE!! If that isn't enough for you, the 2nd Cap Gun is also the same version. The 3rd one is the one with the hidden compartment that we feature above. The 4th offering is a Lone Ranger 32. Again, very rare.

Thanks to Belinda Quan for this photo.

If that wasn't rare enough for you, then here is the same "Restless Gun Version" of that Lone Ranger Cap Gun, but complete with the holster!!! Amazing! I wonder what it's worth?

Thanks to Larry Small for this photo.

Actoy Special
All photos thanks to Paul Zimmerman

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