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John Borst has some really fancy Cap Guns. I especially (I wonder why?) like the Nichols guns. Here are some photos that he sent me for your pleasure. He was kind enough to include text about each photo. That's unusual!!! You can contact John at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


Nichols Stallions and Derringers: Note painted versions of Stallion 45 MK-II @ 9:00 and Mustang 500 @ 3:00. The Cowhand @ 7:00 is from a Lucky Lager Beer sign that I am going to restore and put back together. Two of the little Dyna-MITE Derringers are gold plated, one with black grips and one with blue grips. I think they're pretty rare.

Hubley Western Die-cast Repeaters: Note rare factory painted Pioneer @ 4:00 and first model Pioneer @ 2:30 with compass in the left black grip. An expensive first model Atomic Disintegrator @ 11:00, two nicely plated Cowboys @ 2:00 & 7:00 and Texan Jr.'s with rare, amber @ 10:00 and chocolate swirl @ 5:00, colored grips. Long barreled Remington 36's @ 6:00 are harder to find than the short version @ 12:00. That's a 1980 Ronald Reagan campaign button at the hub.

Stevens Cast Iron and Kilgore Die casts: Note ultra rare Cowboy King in bronze @ 12:00. Cowboy King @ 6:00 still has $1.49 price sticker attached. Two light gold plated 49-ERs @ 3:00 & 9:00. A hard-to-find Kilgore Frontier @ 4:00 and a Gold Plated Eagle revolver @10:00. I bought the rare short-barreled Kilgore Kit Carson @ 6:30 from Jim Schleyer.

Pre- WW-II Kilgore Cast Iron and Bakelite Pocket Automatics: On the left; variants of the Border Patrol pattern with and without the "bump" on the right grip. Earliest Border Patrol is on the top of the column with rare Cavalier and Mountie variants below it. In the middle are two transitional G-MAN guns with black Bakelite bodies and cast iron actions and unique cap loading clips. The two lower G-MAN guns are cast iron. One is painted blue with white grips and the other is nickel plated. The black Bakelite Clip 50 on the box on the upper right has the original instruction sheet with it.

Lytle Mfg. Solid Cast Aluminum Gun Models: These were made in the 1950's originally for Police training. Later they were sold through ads in the back of magazines like Sports Afield. There were 16 different models in all by 1958 when they ceased production. The last price was $3.95 ppd to your door. They were all painted flat black. The best original finish is on the P-38 in the center. The holster on the left has the name of comic strip character "Steve Canyon" faintly embossed on the flap. The holster on the right is an original WW-II relic filled with an M1911 model.

Hubley Cast-Iron and die-cast Automatics: These mostly cast-irons are very realistic Pre-War copies of the Colt M1908 Pocket and Vest Pocket Automatics. I slipped in a real one for comparison. See if you can find it. The guns at the top of the center column are the four die-cast Post-War variants of the ARMY 45. The 6 guns below them are nickel plated, polished and rough and painted versions of the cast iron Pre-War cast-iron ARMY 45s. The two below are painted WINNERs. The painted versions in black and dark green are the hardest to find. The black WINNER with white grips on the right is ultra rare, especially in near mint condition like this one. The little die-cast DICK on the left still has the 49c price tag attached. The black and white die-cast HAWK on the upper left is seldom seen.

Mattel Wall Rack: Here are three plastic Western rifles on a rare plastic wall rack. The top one is a copy of the Winchester Model 71 with Roy Rogers' signature on the stock. It might be a Marx, but there's no name on it. The two lower ones are "Shootin' Shell" models.

Mattel Fanner 50's and Shootin' Shell Revolvers A mixture of Mattel guns and holsters. Note the bronze Planet of the Apes with brown grips rarity in the center. The snubbie holster in the center is branded "Dick Tracy." Yes, that's a little Nichols Pinto stuck in the holster strap on the left.

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