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Here's a nice small collection of Ellis Brown's that was taken by our friend Jamie Linford. You can contact Ellis at: 209-8230-8456
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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Looks like Roy and Hoppy to me.

Nice holster sets.

A little farther down on the same wall, but Western books, movies and lunch boxes. And guitars.

Nice display of various caps, along with more stuff like spurs, etc.

Same area, but a different view.

This BB Gun looks like it has an exceptionally long scope. ???

Lots of cap boxes, even including some Nichols! I also see a bunch of BB's in the tubes. I especially liked those XX brand because they were particularly shiny.

Here's farther to the right on that same wall showing a bunch of more holster sets and some fine rifles.

I probably couldn't resist putting pennies into the gum machines myself. This little cowtyke isn't actually real. But he does look ready to draw.

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