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The "Cisco Kid" was Duncan Renaldo. His sidekick was "Pancho," played by Leo Carrillo. This was a very popular TV show (from the movies) during the mid 1950's. If you wonder why I haven't put The Cisco Kid in the same menu section as Hopalong Cassidy, it is simply because I don't have enough other character guns to make up another row for the menu. Simple as that.

However, that said, there are not very many models out there and there seems to be some confusion. While they are rare, they are not necessarily in high demand, so that price fluctuates quite a big—according to whether or not it is a serious collector. There seems to be some "cross-over" when it comes to the concept of "the name" or "the company." There seem to be both. However, it would seem that "Cisco Kid" was also some sort of distribution company. Lone Star of England made some of the guns.


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Mattel Marauder Division Tommy Burst w/ Night Scope
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This Cisco Kid set has Lone Star Cap Guns and our friend Ed Manes has provided a Comic Book too. It's a VERY similar holster set to the one below, but differs in a few details. All Lone Star.

It sorta scares me to pieces to think what a set like this is worth and yet Chuck seems to raise them in his backyard garden. I should import some of that California soil. This whole set is DEAD MINT and the Cap Guns are a Mexican Version to boot! After all, the Mexico and Spaniards did invent cowboys, so what can I say? You could visit every Cap Gun show in America and probably not see a set like this.

I just couldn't resist showing you a closer photo of those Mexican made Cap Guns. If you will notice, the conchos match the medallions on the grips with Cisco in the middle. They actually say, "CISCO KID." More Belinda magic.

Some more Ed Manes Cisco Kid magic from Ed Manes. Yet another set with spurs and hat and whatever those things in the middle are. The Cap Guns look like Lone Stars.

The Cisco Kid - circa 1955
This is listed as CK-4 in Jim Schleyer's famous book, Backyard Buckaroos and is made by Lone Star of England.

Here's a nice double holster set that features Lone Star guns from England. A set like this is pretty rare! The guns are like the one picture just above.

Photo thanks to Jim Mair.

Cisco Kid Holster For Kids
Here's a Cisco Kid gun holster in very good condition for its age. It's for a little cowboy. There are two little metal guns on the back of the belt.

"Hey Cisco......." "Hey Pancho."
Pancho (left) was Leo Carrillo and The Cisco Kid was Duncan Renaldo.

Comic book photo submitted by Jim Manning of JM Cap Guns & Toys. Thanks!

Cisco Kid Set by Lone Star
Here's an interesting set by Lone Star of England. Still MINT in the box. An unusual find. Cisco Kid literature and films are relatively easy to find, but Cap Guns sets? I think not! You will notice that the Cap Gun is a "BUCKAROO" by Lone Star and the entire set is a "Cisco Kid" set.

Kudos to Phil Waller for this photo contribution!

Here's a nice kid's cowboy hat by Kentley Headwear Company.

Our thanks to Tom Coates for this photo.

I get a lot of people from England who have looked up on one of the search engines for Cisco Kid Cap Guns. Why? I don't know. Except I liked him too. You know, Cisco and Pancho. Or Duncan and Leo if you prefer. These are Lone Star Cap Guns and the one on top is the dull finish and the one on bottom is the bright finish. I think the dull finish is the more rare. Both of these examples are DEAD MINT.

Thanks to Belinda Quan for these photos from the Chuck Quinn collection.

Here is the same version of the Lone Star Cisco Kid Cap Gun from England. Please notice that just above and to the left of the "CISCO KID" printing, it says, "LONE STAR." It's hard to read in this photo.

Thanks to Steve Arlin for this photo.

Cisco Kid Gun by Lone Star
This is a good example of a Cisco Kid Cap Gun set that is made by Lone Star of England. I haven't been able to find out a lot about these guns, but as you can tell, the quality is quite nice.

You have David Denton to thank for these photos.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

Lone Star Cisco Kid
If I were to guess, then I would think that this slight variation of the Cisco Kid from Lone Star was the first variation that they made. Why? Because it doesn't have the Cisco Kid circle on the rear part behind the cylinder. And, of course, it's true that my logic could easily be backwards!
All photos thanks to Chuck Quinn
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Here's a Cisco kid and box that is very much like the one above. It differs in a few details.

Thanks Ron Joyner!

Here's the same Cap Gun, but a different packaging. And red grips. This one is DEAD MINT!

Thanks Scott McCollum

This holster shows one of the styles that was offered for this particular version of the Lone Star Cap Guns

Thanks Robert P. Williams for the photos

Yeah, I know that this isn't a Cap Gun, but it's my site and I loved The Cisco Kid. Here's a hobby horse. Photos by Tim Tobin. Thanks Tim.

I always like The Cisco Kid! His horse was named "Diablo." Actually they used more than one horse in the series, just substituting them out.

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