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Classy made a lot of Toy Cap Guns that featured Roy Rogers. Some of their Roy Rogers Toy Cap Guns are quite valuable. However, there were a few other guns made as well. They are rare. They also made some holster sets and other Cap Gun "stuff." I'm sure that some of you will tell me more about this company.


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Mattel Marauder Division Tommy Burst w/ Night Scope
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Classy Roy Rogers Set w/ Lone Star Apache Guns
Classy imported cap guns from Lone Star of England for many of their holster sets. This is an original "Civil War" style set marketed by Classy and is a seldom seen outfit. But though the basic style is Civil War, the set is STILL geniune Roy Rogers.

Photos thanks to Rich Hall
Be sure to click on the thumbnails.

Very Unusual LAWMAN/KEYSTON Cap Gun
Here's a Cap Gun that is so rare that it doesn't even exist. Just kidding, but it is really an oddity. It has been owned by several people, but the thing that sets it apart is that it says "LAWMAN" on the left frame and "KEYSTON" on the right frame.

Photos thanks to Ernie Brown
Be sure to click on the thumbnails.

Classy/Stevens Dick Tracy Outfit
I could easily have put this set into the Stevens Page, but since it says Classy on the box, I'll leave it here. It's surprising that there is such a paucity of Dick Tracy stuff out there, considering how long he was a successful comic strip character. I mean, didn't Diet Smith invent the 2-way wrist radio? Around the edge of the box many of the Dick Tracy comic strip charactors are named such as Flattop, B.O. Plenty, B.B. Eyes, Junior, Gravel Gertie.

Thanks to Bill Williamson

Here's a couple of Tuck-A-Way sets. It claims to be the smallest cap firing pistol in the world. And the suggestions on where to put it! (a sign of those times!) "Wear it with your tie clip. Wear it on hat band. Wear it on any belt. Wear it on ankle. Wear it on wrist." These days it might say, "Wear it on your nose ring." But those were different days, when real men...well, real men were like Roy Rogers. The back side is below. Photos thanks to our friend Chuck Quinn.

This Derringer is not very expensive, in fact the original was 29 cents (!), but it is certainly hard to find these days. It looks like the Nichols Dyna-Mite (or vice-versa).

Photo by Chuck Quinn.

If these aren't rare, then I don't know Cap Guns at all. The two Johnny Yuma Rebel (from the TV Show) scatterguns on the top are Classy and the one underneath is by Marx with the original tag showing designer was Roy Ahlgreen, along with its bear claw necklace & Rebel hat.

Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

And these composite photos show the Classy Scattergun WITH a Rebel Six Gun too. This is simply an incredible set and something that of itself would make a fine Cap Gun Collection.

Photos by Scott McCollum!

Classy Miniature Johnny Yuma Scattergun
This is a small (the card is 4 x 7 inches!) miniature Johnny Yuma Scattergun by Classy.

Photos thanks to Ron Ellington

Roy Rogers Contest Set by Classy

This is a very rare contest award set that includes the original award letter signed by Roy Rogers. The guns are 24 carat gold plated. This holster is excellent. The box is 13 x 13 x 2". The set was the 3rd place award in the 1957 Baker's Instant Chocolate Contest.

Many thanks to David Denton

Roy Rogers Gun by Classy

Here is a beautiful Roy Rogers gun by Classy. This one is the earlier version as opposed to the chrome finish cap gun.

Thanks to Jack Rosenthal of Toys and More
One of our advertisers.

And here is the same Cap Gun, but in GOLD! from Larry Small.
More photos of this nice Cap Gun with a polished nickel finish.

Photos thanks to Sharon and Toby O'Brien

And here's one just thrown in for Christmas from our friend Don Raker. Wonderful holster set to go with the Classy Roy Rogers Cap Gun.

And here's another one from our friend Don Raker. Aren't these beautiful?

And the guns that go inside of that beautiful holster set!

Here is a super rare Classy Roy Rogers Cap Gun! Basically the same as the one above, but with a gold barrel and cylinder—but nickel frame! Go figure! Well, of course Chuck Quinn would have one!

Here's a beautiful double holster set for the above Cap Guns in a really fancy box. The box is similar to one down farther on this page, but the holster set is different.

Thanks to Jim Manning!

This is about as rare as you can possibly get. And expensive! A sales display set of Roy Rogers Cap Guns by Classy!
Photo by Chuck Quinn

Classy Ruf Rider
This is really the same gun as the Roy Rogers version, but without having to pay for the privilege! Remember that I said it is common for Cap Gun companies to make different versions of the same gun to appeal to a different market.

Thanks to Scott McCollum

Here's a nice holster set by Classy that may have originally come with Cap Guns, but I don't know. It had a lot of history of famous people.

Thanks to David Denton

These are basically the same style as the Tuck-A-Way Cap Guns. You will notice that the Cap Gun on the right has Roy's name in script on the barrel. Now if you will click on the above photo, you will see the larger photo. But here's what I don't understand. The fine print says, "ROY ROGERS PLEDGE TO PARENTS. Dale and I are proud of every product that bears our name, and we use these items for our own children. You pay no premium for our name. Rather, it is your assurance of authenticity and quality." Now I'm quite sure that Classy (and anybody else) had to license the Roy Rogers name, so if that isn't a premium, then what is? I must be missing something because I know Roy and Dale were honest, but probably Classy could have worded it slightly differently. Photos thanks to our friend Chuck Quinn.

Here's the gun on the right, albeit a little easier to see. Our friend Rich Hall sent this one and says that this gun is really quite hard to find.

This is the R-50 version of a small Roy Rogers Classy Cap Gun.

Another style of Shootin' Irons by Classy. Notice that the one on the left has the short barrel and the one on the right has the longer barrel. MOC (Mint On Card) Photos thanks to our friend Chuck Quinn.

Classy Roy Rogers All Metal Cap Gun
This is a rather plain (by Classy standards) rendition of a Roy Rogers Cap Gun. Small too.

Photos thanks to John Coatney, one of our advertisers!

Roy Rogers Box from Canada!
In Chuck's words, "It is a Roy Classy as shown on this unused box. I had seen one MOC, but not MIB. Classy Products is not noted on the box. The manufacturer of the box is Title Products Limited, 380 Craig Street West, Montreal, Canada. I would be interested to know if any of our collector friends know anything about it or if they might have this or another version of a Classy Products capgun box."
All photos thanks to Chuck Quinn
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

The above 2 photos are of a Roy Roger "Shootin' Iron" Cap Gun by Classy. One of the nice historical things about this one, besides being MINT on the original card, is that it shows the address: CLASSY PRODUCTS CORPORATION, 200 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. Can you just imagine what the Liberals would say to a toy gun corporation being on 5th Avenue in New York City today? I think they would have an apoplectic fit!!! Probably the world would just come to an end. Now how's that for a biased commentary?

Thanks to Donna McMullen for these photos!

(These prices are merely guidelines to help beginners. Experts don't need help!)
See PRICES for more info on guidelines.
Classy Roy Rogers Shootin' Iron on Card $85-125 $50-80

The Roy Rogers R-90 by Classy
Here is a pretty rare gun that was made by Classy in around the 1955-1960 era.

Though the same basic gun also came in the lesser version with the metal grips, this one, as you can clearly see has the dark brown bronze grips. The gun is about 9" long.

When he found out I wanted to use his photos, Mike was even nice enough to go out and take two more, just to make sure I had a good set! Now that's participation!
All photos above thanks to Michael Sheehan.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
Here's a boxed set of the R-90 Cap Guns with a different set of double holsters.
Photo thanks to David Denton.

Roy Rogers R-90 by Classy $ 370-440 $ 270-350
Roy Rogers R-90 by Classy w/ Holsters & Box $ 720-950 $ 540-700

Roy Rogers Guns by Classy
This is one of the more simple Roy Rogers Cap Guns.
It is 8 inches in length and is basically a simple die-casting.

A good close-up of the side of this simple Roy Roger Classy Cap Gun.


Above we see a small Classy Cap Gun with a nice leather holster.
Thanks to Tom Coates for all of the photos!
(These prices are merely guidelines to help beginners. Experts don't need help!)
See PRICES for more info on guidelines.
Classy Roy Rogers (Above) $45-65 $20-40

Here is a wonderful Classy Roy Rogers Silver Foil Double Holster Set. This is a show stopper in anyones collection.

Thanks to Jim Manning!

(These prices are merely guidelines to help beginners. Experts don't need help!)
See PRICES for more info on guidelines.
Classy Roy Rogers Set (Above) w/ Box and Holsters $1145-1365 $520-740

How's this for a wonderful set. Complete with documentation! No skimping here! I hate to even think what a set like this costs. But that doesn't mean that I would want to have one. It works by pivoting the part of the holster that holds the Cap Gun. When you pivot it, then that part comes out of the metal clasp and there is a metal pivot under the trigger area that swivels. Presto! You have killed the bad guy and become the envy on your block. I never owned a set as nice as this.

Thanks to Chuck Quinn

This Classy Roy set has the address of Classy Products and shows that it was manufactured before Zip Codes! Unusual set.

Thanks to Granddad's Toy Box

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