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I always thought that this toy Derringer Cap Gun was the first Nichols Cap Gun to come out with the "Firing Shells." I'm still not sure. Probably one of you serious collectors will tell me. However, it came out in 1961 and with its 3-piece bullets (and a strong supply of caps) I could knock over small objects from across the living room. It reminds me of that Christmas movie where everybody tells the star (Ralphie) that if he got a BB gun, he would shoot his eye out. Well, I never shot my eye out. My sister was the target. (Just kidding!) However, before they lowered the muzzle velocity of these, I'm sure you could do some major damage. As it was, you wouldn't want to get hit in the eye.


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Mattel Marauder Division Tommy Burst w/ Night Scope
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Here is the Derringer with some ammo. Those 3-piece bullets are always good to get and you can hardly have too many of them. They are sort of like the Stallion 38 bullets, but have an enlarged end to accept the plastic pellet and there are ribs on the edges of the alloy part to vent more gas to lower the velocity.

This shows the break-down of the Derringer and a
3-piece bullet that has the plastic pellet removed.
Slip the shell in, cock it, fire it. BANG!
Just watch where you aim!

Here is an authentic original card with the Firing Shells and lots of extra plastic pellets.
Photo contributed by
New England Auction Gallery

If the above photo wasn't enough for you, then this contribution from Jamie Linford, should really do the trick. The kit on the left is simply amazing. I have never seen it before nor do I know where it came from. A gold Nichols Stallion cap box? Amazing! If I could buy either of these kits for 40 CENTS, then I would sell everything I own and buy as many as I could. Click on the above photo for an even larger one.
The loading operation of this cap gun is that you press a button on the left side (The photo below shows the button right above the screw behind the trigger.) and the barrel swings up—exposing the 3-piece bullet—or an empty hole if you haven't been able to buy a bullet yet. These 3-piece bullets are actually valuable and people like to bid on them at auctions. If a Derringer were auctioned and came with 3 bullets, then the bullets would easily outvalue the gun! (Probably even ONE bullet these days!)

Speaking of the bullet, the bullet is the same that is used by the Buccaneer, Detective, the Model 95 Rifle and the Model 61 Stallion. Very useful to own a few thousand. Retirement pay.

A very rare copper-plated pellet-firing Derringer.
Photo contributed by Robert Nichols

This is actually a pretty fine cap pistol and was very well made. It is almost a carbon copy of the original Derringer, but is about 2/3rds size. Still, it was popular enough (and common enough) that you can find one very easily.
Click on these half-sized photos to see it larger. This is the blued version.

Photos by Bill Zide

Dueling Sets
by Nichols!
(from 1962 brochure)


Thank you Robert Nichols!

Some of you just dream of actually finding a set like this at a flea market. And then some of you actually find one.

This Derringer Heirloom Dueling set is one of the most rare prizes you will find. And when you think about the fact that the box is the whole secret, then it is quite amazing that it exists at all! The Derringers themselves are not that rare, the bullets are more rare, but the box? Well don't hold your breath!

As far as I can tell, the heirloom dueling sets only came out in 3 models: The Buccaneer, the Derringer and the Stallion Model 61. (the rarest!)

Photo contributed by
Lynn Kessler

First National Bank Derringer Party Set
Now here's a set you're not likely to EVER see!!! This was a one-of-a-kind given away at a party honoring the First National on March 10, 1962.
Many thanks to Tom Wallace for these photos!

These two Derringers on the cards are actually different. I suspect that the one on top came first because it has caps. The upper one looks like it has black grips, whereas the bottom one looks like brown grips. I don't know if the area in the upper right would have been 98 cents (probably) or $1.98 or 69 cents. You tell me. But I can tell you that the doggone (!!!) bullets and the plastic plugs are worth much more than you would think. About the price of a Michelin tire!

From the Chuck Quinn collection

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This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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