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Here's a really great cast-iron Cap Gun collection. Cliff started with a few, then sort of went nuts for fine quality (mostly late 19th century) models.

You can reach Cliff at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


Most of these I'll identify later, but here is a set of Buffalo Bill gloves and Sheriff gloves. The book? It is a trick book. Open it and it has a hammer that strikes a plate. Put a cap on the plate and very carefully close the book. Hand it to a friend (or enemy) and when they open the book… BANG! Imagine using something like that today?

Here's a set of Kilgore Pal Cap Guns with the authority of a badge behind them.

These are Hubley Tex guns. He made this display like the above, bought guns, holsters and badge and combined them.

Hubley Colt 45, mint Keystone cuffs, two sets bullets—all purchased separatly. Notice the Hopalong Cassidy badge?

These are Hubley Texan Jrs. with a badge.

Here's a breakdown of what Cliff says these are.

Buffalo Bill, Kenton 1930
President, Kilgore, 1924
Wild West, Kenton, 1936
Long Boy, Kilgore, 1922
Target, Hubley, 1934
Two Times, Kenton, 1930

Here's a breakdown of what Cliff says these are.

Unmarked, Kenton, 1904 Model, Stevens, 1900
Unmarked, Unknown, 1905
Unmarked, Kenton, 1911 Model, Stevens, 1900
Eagle, Stevens, 1890 Scout, Stevens, 1890
Halt, Stevens, 1910
Cupid, Ideal, 1900 Colt, Stevens, 1920 Crack, Stevens, 1925

Here's a breakdown of what Cliff says these are.

Navy, Stevens, 1878 2-shot Locomotive, Kenton, 1910
Unmarked, Ives, 1890 Cannon, Kenton, 1900
Unmarked, Stevens, 1882 Acorn, Stevens, 1890
Unmarked, Ives, 1882 IXL, Unknown, 1890 (4-Star rarity)
Unmarked, Stevens, 1879 Prince, Stevens, 1890
Unmarked, Stevens, 1878 Unmarked, Stevens, 1880
Pluck, Stevens, 1895
King, Stevens, 1880 Lion, Ives, 1887 (4-star)

Here's a breakdown of what Cliff says these are.

Steven's Pat, Unknown, 1893 L,F,&C, LN, FR & CLK, 1875
These guns are firecracker or match shooters. Stricker inside comes down to hit head of match. Rare to find with whole trigger
Unmarked, LN,FR & CLK, 1875

Here's a liberal dose of caps from the good old days. Even a little Mattel and Nichols thrown in for good measure.

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