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Ed Manes of California has sent in some photos of some British Cap Guns. He has some nice shots here, along with some nice Lone Star Cap Guns. You can contact Ed at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


Now here's an expensive way to start off!!! First you have (probably) the two most expensive Cap Guns in the world here. The G-45 Nichols Stallion 45 MK-II and the Kilgore Fargo Express!!! Most of the best collectors don't own a Fargo Express and Ed has a box! Kind of makes you sick, doesn't it? Those two together are worth more than most people's collections put together. And I'm ignoring some other pretty expensive stuff here! Like the Nichols Stallion 44 right in front of the G-45. I've never seen one personally myself. And my last name is NICHOLS!
In Ed's "Limited"   :-)   text that he sent with these photos: "These are BCM SIXGUNs. The Indian head grips are fantastic."
This is a BCM OUTLAW FRONTIER 45 and box.
These two photos represent the BCM OUTLAW RANGE OF GUNS series which consist of 7 guns. The upper photo is an enlarged copy of their brochure showing the 7 guns, and the bottom photo is a picture of Ed's collection of the same 7 guns.
These are two RANGE RIDER MK. II cap guns and a rare box by Lone Star Co. This is the NIGHT RIDER and box by Lone Star Co.

That's funny...I wouldn't have thought that Davy Crockett would have owned a bolt action Mauser-type rifle, but what do I know? Well, you have that one on the bottom and the Rifleman's in the middle and the Nichols Stallion 300 Saddle Gun on the top.

Some weathered (Genuine Western!) boards, some genuine rope and you have yourself a nice display. Actually I pieced these 3 together. But we have some serious Cap Guns here. A nice black MK-II 45, a 6/7 Halco, a Pathfinder and others too valuable to count. This photo alone would represent some people's retirement package interest per year!

Shelves just full of quality items. No trash here. Notice the Blue/Gray items on that second shelf. Including the Gray Ghost set, they are worth a small fortune in themselves.

You just have to wonder how many shelves Ed has.

My guess is that this is, "Down the hall and to the right." when asked the usual question in somebody's house. My dad brought back similar Indian sets like this from the World's Toy Fair in New York when I was a kid. I was always excited. Nice Cap Guns too.

It looks like even to the right of the bathroom door (or closet?) these is enough room to mount a few more Cap Guns. You know, any fool can just put them in boxes. But mounting them for everybody to see just makes you plain arrogant. Wait a minute, I meant to say, "Gives the world a chance to enjoy your hobby." But that's probably because I am the plain fool with mine in some boxes in the closet.

Here's that group of Cap Gun by the bow and arrows.

Yo Rinty! I used to watch that TV show. But I am a 100% dog lover. I loved it when Stump won the Westminster Kennel Club Show (best of show!). That Sussex Spaniel. 10 years old. But German Shepherds like Rin Tin Tin were good dogs too.

Now we're actually geting around to some Cap Guns that I know something about. Here is a good collection of the GOOD OLD PASADENA DAYS!!! That was my territory, Pasadena. I'm the only sibling on my side of the family that remembers those days. And lookie there! There's a Silver Pony and Silver Colt box! I've always wanted one of those. I have a Silver Mustang. These weren't fancy Nichols Cap Guns like the Stallions, but I really love them.

Johnny Yuma........was the rebel..........goes the song. And we did love to watch that TV show. These toys are quite rare. How do you people keep finding them? Or have the money for them. I'm still saving up for my Steinway.

Here's a restored Roy Rogers and Trigger store display. Ed could fix the "Crack of Dawn." It stands 41" high and was placed above the display shelves stocked with Roy merchandise.

Ed Manes of California

This photo was taken at the Cap Gun & Vintage Toy Show held in Azle, Texas and
sponsored by Bob and Johnie Terry of Wild West Toys.
Great Cap Gun Show!

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