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Another proud collection from California, a friend of Chuck Quinn's: Ernie Brown. Glad to have you aboard! You can contact Ernie at:
or call him at: (209)679-0727 (cell phone).
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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Hey Ernie! You neglected to inform me about each photo, so I am going to have to "wing it." Here's a Lasso 'em Bill set with the Cap Guns from the George Schmidt company and the set concepts are from the Keyston Brothers of California.

In his e-mail, he said that this group of guns was from a room that is apparently dedicated just to Cap Guns. I have a couple of small, fancy pasteboard boxes labeled "Cap Guns" in my closet! Nice stuff.

The photo is labeled, "Bob Baker." I Googled up Bob Baker, cowboy and found out: Real name: Stanley Leland - nickname: "Tumble" Weed. Here's a little bit about him: Baker's first film, and one of his best, was COURAGE OF THE WEST released in 1937. The next year he made a total of nine features and was listed in the Top Ten Moneymaking Western Star poll. In his pictures he rode a beautiful paint horse called Apache. (from Bobby J. Copeland-whom I hope doesn't mind) He apparently was the 2nd lead to Johnny Mack Brown in many westerns. These are Buck 'n Bronc Cap Guns from Schmidt. One heckuva fancy holster!

Here's a fancy Kenton Gene Autry set with spurs from Ernie's gun room.

There's probably some esoteric reason behind the chrome lubricant in front of Gene Autry's photo, but I can't fathom it.

As you can see, Ernie is a serious player when it comes to Buck 'n Bronc Cap Guns.

That chrome polish must have been for all of the knives. And maybe these knives are to remind you that there are more where they came from, should you think about laying your stinkin' hands on his Cap Gun collection. Here's more Kenton Cap Guns that are probably Gene Autry types. I see Hoppy peeking out from underneat the shelf.

I would have to think that these knives might all be from the same period as the guns. More Kenton Cap Guns in these holsters.

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