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Bill Hamburg is another one of those people whose collection seems to just go on and on. And, as you will see, he also collects a lot of other toys!
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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We may as well have Hoppy endorse Bill's collection.

There's plenty of Western stuff around Bill's house, including saddles and boots and an occasional Cap Gun.

Is that a genuine Western guitar?

It's nice to have display cases for your Cap Gun collection. I wish about 6 people would send me one each. Full of course.

It would look like he has visited David Denton of The Antique Cowboy, for David sells a lot of original Movie Posters.

Besides the Plainsman, there is a Nichols "Double" play set. I only mention it because I have one too. Eat your heart out!

In the foreground we see some Leslie-Henry 44-style Cap Guns and just more stuff in the background.

Everybody seems to have a lot of those boxes that are shrink-wrapped, except me of course. I have ONE!

Here's a good close-up of some Hubleys.

A Mattel and a Hubley.

I have to wonder if those Fargo Express boxes are originals. I would like to have one no matter what. And also the Roy Rogers Forty Niner set.

As I said before, Cap Guns aren't the only thing he has. I have never seen that Lone Ranger box before. I would like to see what's supposed to be in it and also see it more closely.

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