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(in Uncle Talley's order)


I wish I could get the energy (and permission of my wife!) to hang my stuff up on my walls.

Here's another wall with a commemorative and a couple of rifles.

A John Wayne Commemorative pistol.

This looks like one of the fanciest Hubley's I've ever seen. ???

Another John Wayne commemorative pistol.

Now I am embarrassed that I don't have my Cap Guns in some of my curio cabinets.

Looks like Mattel is well represented here.

Here's a bunch of fine machine guns.

Is that a Nichols Model 94 rifle mixed in with those others?

Burp guns, Tommy guns, a shotgun and some pistols.

Here's a few more rare rifles.

It does look strange to me to see a rifle with a Lewis-type machine gun magazine on it with a scope. Looks like a Sharps rifle in the foreground.

Here's a close-up of the above photo.

The burp guns hanging up.

What in the world is this?


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