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Jamie Linford primarily collects Nichols Cap Guns, but also has an eye out for nearly anything of high quality and worth. He is also one of the people who helped me get this website started and without his tutelage, I probably would have failed miserably. Therefore I really thank him! You can contact Jamie at:
or call him at: 810-714-4041. And be sure to visit his website at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


This is the second best Nichols Cap Gun display that I have ever seen (in one frame!). It just doesn't get much better. It takes a lot of bidding, a lot of estate sales and a good sharp eye for value to realize a dream like this. The quality and variety is really hard to beat.

One of the best things about this set is the rare versions of certain guns. Nichols made most of the guns in blued or other variations in small quantities. Now they are the hardest to find.

A nice glass display case in which you are seeing nothing but the finest of the finest Cap Guns and notice: MINT BOXES. Can you beat that? If you try, you will find that it will cost you about as much as a nice house!

This photo really caught my eye, as it contains a photo of my Uncle Talley signing Jamie's Dealer Display Board. A little provenance never hurts!

As I said, Jamie looks for quality stuff no matter what brand. Here's some really nice Mattel Cap Guns. He told me that these days he mostly collects Cap Guns that have the boxes.

These Cap Guns are mostly of the Buck'N Bronc series. There are some grips styles here I don't recognize and wish I had some really good close-ups (hint, hint) and the unusual one at the bottom is a Pathfinder type with the compass coming out of the base of the grip. Nice boxes too.

More Cap Guns to the right of the above photo. That's a nice shadow box of the Nichols Stallion Model 61 there with the bullets. You could probably trade several of those for a nice car.

It's a wonderful thing that the last thing you saw when you walked out the door was a fine group of Cap Guns. All the guns over the door are variations of Buck 'n Broncs

And even when you turn off the light! All of these MOC Cap Guns are Nichols Cap Guns.

You just can't imagine how many people search Google for Johnny Ringo and wind up on my website and here is another example of Johnny Ringo stuff. Along with some other neat things.

We've actually seen this Restless Gun set before on another Nichols Cap Gun Page, because I thought it was so FANTASTIC, but here it is with some other quality stuff. If the socialists of this country are to be believed, then people who have more than they need, ought to send the rest of us their extra Cap Guns (which to a socialist means anything more than ONE), but in MY BIBLE, the 10th Commandment says not to covet anything of your neighbor's. And that's GOD'S LAW!!! But I suppose that the socialists are smarter than God. Besides, Jim MacKenzie is my neighbor and Jamie Linford lives a long ways away!!! :-)

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