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When he was a little kid Tom played Cowboys and Indians and Cops and Robbers just like every other little kid in town. But some little kids never outgrew their love for the Old West and Good versus Evil. And now he collects Cap Guns and remember the "Good Old Days."

He is also an excellent writer and has written a good short story for our website that you can read if you CLICK HERE!
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When collecting Cap Guns, some people forget rifles. Tom didn't. Some nice BB Guns too! The pum was MINE!!! It was powerful and accurate.

Some serious shootin' irons here! These are so popular even I can identify most. Starting from the top left: Hubley Colt 45, Nichols Derringer, Nichols Pasadena Stallion 45, Mattel Shootin’ Shell 45, Nichols Stallion 45 MK-II, Nichols Stallion 32, Nichols Stallion 38, Kilgore Long Tom (!), Nichols Stallion Model 61 in chrome, ???, Kilgore American, Kenton Western ?, Hubley Texan?, badge, Kilgore Big Horn, Schmidt ???, Hubley early Cowboy, Nichols Paint, and a bunch of other stuff. Notice the Nichols Stallion Model 300 Saddle Gun bullet clip? That little item is worth a pile of money.

The rifle pictured is a Mint Daisy cork ball rifle complete with cork balls and instruction literature. And extra ammo! Never go to war without enough ammo.

Lots is neat toys here. And a nasty old WI-FI modem. I like the Nichols Stallion Model 300 Saddle Gun hanging on the rack. Two below that is the Mattel Colt Shootin Shell Six Shooter Cap Gun Rifle that is pictured in our Mattel section. The Lone Ranger is guarding over all.

A nice bunch of old cast-iron pre-World War II guns. Now these I don't know.

I need some cases like this myself. These are mostly cast-iron weapons too. Some rare stuff.

Still a cowboy!

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