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The Leslie-Henry Company, of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was one of the best manufacturers of Toy Cap Guns that there ever was. They not only made for themselves, but also for major distributors, like Halco. And they were involved with the "Buzz Henry" guns. In this section, to the best of our ability, we will feature as many Leslie-Henry Cap Guns as we can put here. Our readers, I hope will send in photos and pertinent information about the guns.


There are over 8,000 pages (including those from thumbnails—and the site is still growing!) on this website that will give you more information plus BIGGER PHOTOS!
Mattel Marauder Division Tommy Burst w/ Night Scope
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This is a nice 11-piece Texas Ranger outfit from Leslie-Henry. Too bad we can't see everything in profile, one-at-a-time.

Thanks to Belinda Quan for these photos.

And here's a whole other set similar to the one above, but it seems to be using either HALCO or Buzz Henry Cap Guns—and of course, a genuine ukulele. Same rifle.

These photos are from Jack Rosenthal of Toys and More.

Here is a very exhaustive set from Leslie-Henry that is probably a store display, but it has everything you might think of. Clear up to the rifle.

Thanks to Gary Skluzacek for the photo. You can even see his name. He was given it and never opened it, way back in 1957.

Leslie-Henry Gene Autry 44 in Gold and Bronze Finishes
And here is the same Gene Autry 44 version, but this time it is in the Gold finish! A little more rare. And another thing that is hard to notice, but is still there: The standard ellipse? Well, it has "L H" on it instead of just the "H" that you see on the others in this section. That in itself is a little rare.

Thanks to David Denton.
And the same Cap Gun in the bronze finish. Notice that these grips have the horse's (Champion's, I guess) head on them.
Now here's a group of Gene Autry 44's submitted by Bud & Edith Dashiell. Thanks folks!

This is one of the rarest boxes you will ever find. (or NOT find!)

Thanks to Chuck Quinn.

Here's another good photo of a Gene Autry .44 in bronze. Be sure and always notice the "L-H" in the ellipse. In some Cap Guns you will only see an "H" in the ellipse on the grips. One of the drawbacks of this .44 series was that since the cylinder was solid, there was no way in the world to get smoke to come out the end of the barrel. The advantage of having a side loader was that the overall strength of the Cap Gun was much better.

Now here's the same exact Cap Gun, but in the gold finish. And a very nice box.

And another Gene Autry with a different box. This Cap Gun has the translucent amber grips that we occasionally see.

This photo shows the above Cap Gun, but with the side area opened to show that it is a variant that used little toy bullets. Chuck says these little bullets are VALUABLE. You will also note that the versions that use the bullets have only an "H" in the ellipse on the grips. There is also a little more area between the rotating cylinder and the area just behind it to provide the proper clearance necessary.


Thanks to Chuck Quinn for these photos.

This is the same basic L-H .44, but with "BONANZA" on it.

Photo thanks to Bob DeFeis

Here's another photo of the bullets for this Cap Gun and also Doug holding an open cylinder of the .44—showing the bullets inserted into it. These bullets ARE NOT cheap!!!

Photo thanks to Doug Hamilton

This is a rather nice (and rare) holster set for Bonanza. Notice the coins on the pockets.

Photo thanks to Al Wilton

Here's a swell Leslie-Henry Gene Autry 44 with a store display stand in cardboard. You just try buying one of these for $1.98 these days. I'm not sure what's it's worth, but I suspect that you have to be a mighty serious Cap Gun collector to put out enough to get one of these.

Photo thanks to Chuck Quinn

Leslie-Henry U.S. Marshal 44
The "U.S. Marshal" Cap Gun is distinctly different from the "Marshal" Cap Gun in that it has a different revolving cylinder and a few other perks.

Actually it is just like the other 44s listed above, just with a different name. The one listed here is in the antique bronze. This version even has the same grips as the Wagon Train model above.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!
Special thanks to Doug Hamilton for these photos!

And here's a couple of more nice photos of this really magnificent Cap Gun by Leslie-Henry. Notice that Rich's example isn't the bronze version like Doug's above. I like the big guns. But then again, I like small ones too. Just try selling me a Nichols Pinto w/ turquoise grips that is gold and in a turquoise clip. I'll take it.

Many thanks to Rich Hall.

Well, besides this being a DEAD MINT Cap Gun, I also couldn't pass up putting the box on here for you folks.

Many thanks to Chuck Quinn.

Leslie-Henry Wild Bill Hickok 44
Another variation of the basic 44 by Leslie-Henry. This one, however, is a little different from those above, as it is in the nickel plated version.

Thanks to our friend David Denton for these photos!

I kind of went "all out" on this photo, size-wise, as it shows such a good close-up of the 44 (pair) that typifies the Leslie-Henry style of so many "character Cap Guns." You will also note that these guns have the horse head ivory grips.

Many thanks to John Cosgriff for this photo.

Leslie-Henry Wild Bill Hickok 44
Well, even though you can look above and get a pretty idea of what this Cap Gun is supposed to look like, you know by now that I like to add more photos when the photos are really nice and these definitely are.

Many thanks to Rich Hall.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Plain Leslie-Henry .44
This is an unusual Cap Gun in that it is the Leslie-Henry 44, but it isn't dedicated to ANYBODY! Very basic. Have you seen one?

These photos are thanks to Doug Hamilton.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!

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