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Here is a rather fabulous collection of Cap Guns from Thomas Lynn, who says that nearly all of his guns are MINT. He says that in mint condition, they represent a better investment for the future. I know he is right.

My name is Tom Lynn and I live in Illinois. I grew up on a farm, so there were always guns around (real and cap). When first interested in serious cap gun collecting, a couple of dealers steered me to focus primarily on mint items. The guns pictured are mostly Nichols along with a few other brands and a sampling of other interests. Don’t have a lot of room to display my stuff, so most pictures are arranged in groups. If interested in anything shown or just want to talk cap guns, shoot me an e-mail. Thanks for the interest and hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mike's Words:
I hope you will forgive me for interjecting some of my own comments. I love this collection. Why wouldn't I? It's got a lot of Nichols in it.

You can contact Tom at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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The center shows the later version of the Mustang 500 that came in a Stallion Mark II box with only stickers put on it to denote the change. On either side are variations of the Mustang 500 with their corresponding boxes. The top shows blued Mustang 500’s with a couple of leather holsters from the Bighorn Leather Co.

Here's a whole pile of Nichols Mustang 500's. The best part for me (Mike) is the box in the middle. I don't have one of these. With Fury 500 caps, a kid could go almost all day without reloading his shootin' iron.

Here's a mixture of Hubley and Mattell with a little Schmidt fhrown in. I especially love the Hubley 45, but don't tell my family!

Another mixture here. I love the Tex Tan box in the upper left. Anybody want to sell me one?

This Nichols 7 gun sign board; guns and bullets are all original. The straps are excellent reproductions that retain the original look. Also, shown are Tex Tan Stallion 45’s in both the 1 and 2 piece box variations. You would think that a Nichols would have some of the good stuff. Alas...

Holy Cow!!! This is hurting my personal self esteem. I really love the G-45 and also the Silver Colts --- WITH A BOX!!! I have wanted a mint box most of my adult life. Nobody seems to have one for sale or there aren't any left over.

Here are 2 each of the Stallion 45/Dyna-Mite and Stallion 38/Dyna-Mite combination sets. There’s a Stallion 41-40 w/box, Daisy Special Agent Magnum Detective set w/box (plus silver tipped 3-piece bullets) and a Stallion 38 on the card. Also, a western themed brass cigarette case w/match boxes and a George Schmidt spur ashtray.

Here’s a Dick Tracy Power-Jet Squad Gun, Colt Six Shooter and Winchester rifles all by Mattel, Johnny Eagle Magumba and Lt. pistols, Nichols Stallion 41-40 and a HALCO derringer w/clip. These were Tom's as a kid and found when cleaning out his parents house. (The HALCO derringer w/clip was found in the back of his dad’s sock drawer - probably took it away from him, hid it and never gave it back.---Tom says...)

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