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Getting your Cap Gun collection on this website only involves two steps. (1) Buy them all!!!!! and (2) Send some quality photos to me along with some nice descriptions. After all, the whole purpose of this website is to show the world some of the finest examples of our heritage and also to teach people that they don't have to be "politically correct," for Cap Guns are probably never again going to be "politically correct." Strange thing, though...little kids used to wear a six-gun on each hip and a cowboy hat and run like maniacs all over the neighborhood, but hardly a one of them ever pulled a real gun on another human being. When I was a gun-toting kid, murder was something you read about in the newspapers or dime novels or police magazines. Armed robbery was not unheard of, but everybody knew that little kids weren't going to be the ones who pulled it off. And the cops, why they were our friends and there was no such thing as a policeman who EVER pulled a gun on a child. For one thing, the child thought that the policeman was his friend, and would say "Sir" to him. But that was a different day wasn't it? What happened?

Mark Sangret has sent in some nice photos of part of his collection - apparently the Nichols part, so we present his guns here.
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


(First: Mark's words on his own sets!) The most uniqiue items are the holsters. 2 of the holsters were manufactured by Carnell for the Nichols capguns. I have displayed a set of 41-40's (pic 2) and 38's (pic 3) in each. I have been unable to track down the maker of the larger holster (pic 1) but I think it may be from the Marvin G. Miller company out of Houston TX. It was made to accomodate the 45's and came complete with the bullet holders. The last single holster was manufactured by the Melvin G. Miller company specifically for the Stallion 38. It even has the model number "38C" on the box flap. It also includes the original insert that advertised accessories for the "Top Hand Gear Quick Draw Holsters" which was a belt that included the Nichols bullet holders.

As Mark told me, these are all pre-Kusan Nichols cap guns. They look mighty nice. Notice the Nichols Detective with bullets on the left side of this shot. I've got to get one of those. 2 would be better. Would 3 be "covetousness?" I think not. Get as many as you can!

This photo shows a bunch of the larger guns, including Mustang 500's, Stallion 38's, Stallion 45's and, of course, the Stallion 300 Saddle Gun.

This is what Mark calls the "Nichols Law Enforcement" series for lack of a better name. There are 2 different versions of the Shell Shooting Detective cap gun and 3 variations on the Detective 250 cap gun. Two "Steel Blu" versions, one with the standard brown grips and one with a set of ivory colored grips and the chrome version. He added the Tommy Gun and handcuffs as they seemed appropriate to the theme.

This pic contains several different types of Nichols cap guns. There is the chrome Tophand 250 with brown grips. A Kusan era Nichols "model 61" type cap gun that uses the plastic 8-shot ring caps. This is engraved with "Jacksonsville Texas" on the barrel and the Nichols name is engraved on the receiver in a swirl type lettering. There is another "Texas Quick Draw Holster" by Melvin G. Miller Co. The box for this one has "41C" stamped on it so he says that this was designed for the 41-40 cap gun. There is a Pasadena 38 displayed in this holster. As well there is the matching "Texas Snappy Gun Belt" with bullet holders. And lastly is a bronze Daisy "Bulls Eye Six Shooter" with the matching Daisy Canteen Holster with the Nichols bullet holder. The Bulls Eye Six Shooter was manufactured by Nichols for Daisy and is a replica of the Stallion 38 except with the Daisy logos and trademarks. Mark thanks Jamie Linford for his assistance in completing this set.

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