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Apparently the Mustang 250 was brought out in 1964 in order to offer a smaller "version" of the Mustang 500 that would be cheaper and thus cater (again) to the younger crowd. Still, it was a good Cap Gun and would easily fire off the roll of 250 caps.

This is another one of those Cap Guns that most people don't have in their collection. Sure, they always have Stallion 45's and such, but if you're going to be a really good collector, then you need the full set. People like Jamie Linford collect everything that Nichols ever made. I would like to as well. My only problem is that they haven't made any of them since about 1982.

This is about as good a holster set of Mustang 250's that you ever going to see. Thanks Jim McMahon!

The Nichols Mustang 250
Though the Mustang 250 wasn't one of the "best" of the best Nichols guns, it was a very attractive Cap Gun and is very important if you're going to have a complete "Basic Nichols Set."

Thanks Jim McMahon for these photos!
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The Mustang 250 on the right that is carded is from the Kusan days, as that little guy on the card was one of their inventions, as well as the Nichols over the state of Texas.

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This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

This Web Site Constructed by Syntropy Properties, Inc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved

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