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Jim and Belinda Quan live in Northern California, which seems to be where there's a huge congregation of Cap Gun Collectors. They are friends with Chuck Quinn and according to him, "The Salt of the Earth." You can reach them at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


My goodness! A whole wall of holster sets! And look at that pile of boxes on the left. Belinda says these are all character sets. Far left from top to bottom: Cheyenne, Sundance, Tombstone Territory, "Rare" Elfego Baca, Bonanza. Next column from top to bottom: Texas Rangers, Wyatt Earp, & 2 Tales of Wells Fargo. Next column from top to bottom: Johnny Ringo, Rawhide, & Maverick. Next column from top to bottom: Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, The Deputy, Black Saddle. Below the Big Chief you can slightly see a pair of "rare" Lone Ranger cuffs.

Here's a nice showcase just crammed with Cap Guns and their associated boxes. Some sets out front. And all in GREAT condition.

I wonder how "antique" that bottle of glass cleaner is? But here's that same showcase from a different angle so that you can see the guns better. I don't think there's room for another gun.

Here's a Daisy Elfego Baca Holster issued with the original Kilgore Pinto Cap Gun. This one is extremely rare.

Even more wall. From top to bottom: Johnny Ringo, Rawhide, Maverick Next top to bottom: Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, The Deputy, Black Saddle Next top to bottom: Entire column of Lone Rangers. Note: a front shot of the rare Lone Ranger cuffs, then to the right is Kilgore Cast Iron Lone Ranger cap guns & next to them is a Marx's Wyatt Earp Lamp.

I would be happy to have the showcase! Second pic is the display case below the above holster wall. The middle shelf with middle gun is a Carnell rare long barrel Bat Masterson cap gun. To the left is a Hamilton Range Rider. Behind the Hamilton is a George Schmidt Davy Crockett and behind that a Pathfinder.

Here's the same case at a little different angle so you can read the labels (if you click on it to see the larger photo) and better identify the guns.

Here's another perspective of that same wall, but this time you can see it all. I'm curious about the rifles over on the right!

Thanks For The Offering Belinda and Jim!

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