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The George Schmidt Manufacturing Company, located at 716 East 14th Street, Los Angeles, California, was one of companies that had a short succesful run of making Cap Guns. They existed from about 1949 to somewhere in the 1960s. I don't really know much about them and I am hoping that some of you more knowledgeable people out there can fill me in. However, here are some of the creations.


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Rare Stevens 49-er in BRONZE!
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This is an amazingly rare HALCO gun that was made by the George Schmidt Company, after HALCO purchased them. And this one is in perfect shape.

Photo by that generous soul...Scott McCollum

C-K Deputy (Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles)
Jim Schleyer says in Backyard Buckaroos that this is a Schmidt, but puts a "?" right there, but it seems that it ought to be a Schmidt. If so, then it must have been one of their earliest ones. He says that it might have been a prototype. Whatever: It is RARE!!!

Photos by Chuck Quinn

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

The two Buck 'N Bronc Deputies above are definitely Schmidt and are presented by Jamie Linford.

The three above are from Chuck Quinn and are variations on the Shoot'n Iron. The one just above is the incised version.

I'm squeezing in a couple of photos from Jamie Linford (up close and personal) of this same Cap Gun. Notice that the letters are incised into the frame. Unlike other Cap Guns.

Here is a whole gallery of Shoot'n Irons from Schmidt. The labels on each pretty much tell the story, but you might also want to click on them in order to see larger photos. Nice guns!

From the Chuck Quinn collection.

As I have said before on other pages, Dale Evans stuff is HOT STUFF and one of the best investments you can find. Chuck has a bunch, of course. Here is a Shoot'n Iron and box that is DEAD MINT.

From the Chuck Quinn collection.
Click on the photo and see a bigger one of 2 Dale Evans Shoot'n Irons from Scott McCollum.

Here are a couple of Dale Evans spur sets, and a badge.

From the Chuck Quinn collection.

Here's a rather rare version of the Schmidt series. The Range Rider.

Photos above and below by
Rich Hall

Be honest now, have you ever seen this version of the Buck 'N Bronc? It says that on the right side of the gun, but on the left side it says, "WILD WEST." This appear to me to be a more primitive version of that series and I had never seen one before.

Photo by Belinda Quan from the Chuck Quinn collection.

George Schmidt Guns
Thanks to David Denton of The Antique Cowboy
The two above and the one below photos are thanks to Pandur & Levine Auction. Don't forget to click on the pop-ups directly above!

A Rare Buck'N Bronc Long Horn w/ Copper Grips
This variation is quite rare, as Belinda says that she has only seen 1 or 2 others like it ever.

The copper grips are quite rare too and the general shape of the handle in this series changes from time to time.

Photos thanks to Belinda Quan.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Another Buck 'n Bronc - But a Marshal
Even the George Schmidt Company made various models of the same exact Cap Gun, but this one was the Marshal variation.

I guess they just didn't want a particular year to go by without introducing a new Cap Gun when the competition certainly was going to.

Photos thanks to Don Raker.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Here's a Buck'N Bronc Marshal, but you will notice that it was marketed by Danlee and thus has a Circle "D" on the grips! Very unusual.
Thanks to Toy Gunslinger for these 3 photos.

This might have been a prototype, as we can't seem to find another one like it. It is a George Schmidt Marshal, but notice that it doesn't have Buck'n Bronc on the right side and says Marshal on both sides. Also it has lots of scrollwork—unlike a regular one.
Thanks to Jim Mair.

Buck'n Bronc w/Swirly Grips & NO Scrollwork
Here's a variation that hardly ANYBODY has ever seen. It has zero scrollwork on it and says, "Buck'n Bronc" on BOTH SIDES. Reminds me of a Classy gun in those respects. Except for the other obvious differences! Notice on the large photo on the bottom the nice holster for this Cap Gun. You don't normally see that many conchos on a holster.

Photos by Bob Gray

Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Here's some variations in the many styles of grips for Buck'N Bronc Cap Guns.
Thanks to Jamie Linford!

And here's one of the grip variations of the Buck'N Bronc that is quite rare. On the grip you have an Indian riding a...well, it's a Buck'N Bronc. What did you expect? At least it looks like an Indian to me. Maybe it's a cowboy? I always wanted to be one of the Indians and shoot those doggone cowboys! This Cap Gun is from 1950.
Thanks to Ted Dietrich

Here's another variation that is also shown in the above Grip Variations.
Photos thanks to Sandy Costin

A Hopalong Cassidy Buck 'n Bronc
I don't know about you guys, but I've never seen this variation on the Buck 'n Bronc series before. Doug states, "This is one of several different models & this is the 2nd model that has a round barrel (as opposed to a ribbed barrel). I believe this is the variation that came out with the Hopalong Cassidy bicycle that had a double holster set of these beauties.

Photos thanks to Doug Hamilton.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

A Buck'N Bronc Prototype (Weird!)

This is one weird looking gun. The top one has another gun that just happened to be in the photograph, but we don't know what it is. This particular prototype was called "Dodge City" and just to the "10:00 o'clock" position from that bronze looking globe behind the trigger there is the name inside a circle.
Thanks to Mike Merryman for these photos!

Here's a nice George Schmidt set of spurs.

Photo above thanks to Doug Hamilton

Here's a nice banner for the Shoot'N Irons with our hero Roy Rogers.
Thanks again to Mike Merryman!

George Schmidt Roy Rogers Cap Gun
It is hard to overestimate the influence that the George Schmidt company had in Cap Guns.

Their company was responsible for some of the finest guns made and certainly responsible for making good guns for the more recognizable TV and movie stars.

Here we see a very rare example of a Roy Rogers Cap Gun. They also made Cap Guns for Hopalong Cassidy.

Photos courtesy of Deb Bamesberger
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!
These red jeweled Roy Rogers Cap Guns by Schmidt will give you an example of one more style you will have to collect!
Photos by Toby O'Brien

George Schmidt Patrol
These are a variation of ones that you have already seen, but were made to salute the TV show starring Broderick Crawford, Highway Patrol.
Photos by John Coatney

George Schmidt Lasso 'Em Bill Cap Gun
I guess this gun is dedicated to Buffalo Bill. Or could have been to Wild Bill Hickock, if he hadn't had his back to the door in that saloon.

Doug says that it easily could have been Pecos Bill, for everybody knows Pecos Bill could lasso anything—including tornados and lightning bolts.

However, it is another Cap Gun made by the George Schmidt company that got into the holsters of a lot of little Buckaroos.
Please Click On Each Thumbnail For An Enlarged View!
All Photos Courtesy of Doug Hamilton

Here's a nice set of Lasso 'em Bill guns with a fabulous double holster from Keyston Brothers.
Thanks to Chuck Quinn.

Here's a nice set of Lasso 'em Bill spurs from Keyston Brothers.

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