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The J. and E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Connecticut was a very old company. They were making toy guns before most of the other companies were formed.

They made some very old cast iron models that were pre-World War II—some were in the 19th Century! After World War II they started making die-cast Cap Guns just like everybody else. But they didn't have much innovation and besides, as you already know, the "Glory Days" of the Cap Gun Industry were getting ready to be over in the mid-sixties anyway. So the Stevens Company went the way of the "tumblin' tumbleweeds."

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Mattel Marauder Division Tommy Burst w/ Night Scope
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Cast Iron Toy Guns and Capshooters
Here is the famous book by Logan and Best. It's even signed!

Photos thanks to Gordon Nielsen

After sticking a bunch of foam-filled, shrink-wrapped boxes at the beginning of the Kilgore section from Chuck, I decided to go ahead and stick these equivalents at the beginning of the Stevens section too.

From the Chuck Quinn collection.

Stevens 25-50
Well, I don't know much about this one. Doug says, "It is a Cast-Iron Cap Gun from the 1930's. It's a 4 1/2 inch long detective style cap gun that shoots roll caps. It is called a "25-50" The left hand grips flips forward to give you access to the cap box for loading. It's a nickel plated toy cap gun that was Manufactured by the Stevens Company."

Photos thanks to Doug Hamilton!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

This is what is called, "Going all out for your collection!" A Stevens 25 Jr. Cap Gun, but he has made a fancy jewelers box for it. Now I've seen everything.

Photo thanks to Andrew Teleki

Stevens 25-50 Dummy Version
Close-ups of this Cap Gun because it is the dummy hammer version. Much more rare.

Photos thanks to Andrew Teleki

Stevens 1935 Clip & Clip Jr.
Here is a cast iron gun that was made in 1935. It is 6-1/4 inches long.
Thank You Walt Costa For Your Photos!
And here is a fine Clip Jr.!
Photo thanks to Vicky Griffin

Stevens Cast Iron Hero
I was asked a lot of questions about this Cap Gun, but I don't know anything! Nice photography! See the close-ups.

Stevens 1940 Hero Version 1
This is a pretty old gun. It's another one of those where I asked for permission on Ebay, but never got a reply. If/When I do, then I'll either give a good photo credit or have to take it off. However, by putting it up on this site, then it is something that the whole world can see to keep the memory (and information) alive.

Stevens 1940 Hero
I finally got some more photos of the Hero. As you must recall, after World War II, the Cap Guns began being made as die-cast examples.

Photos thanks to Doug Hamilton!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Stevens BANG-O Cap Gun
This is one of the most popular guns of its time, the Stevens "BANG-O." It was made back in the 1938-1940 era and this particular model is the one with the green jewel in the grips and has some scrollwork on the barrel. This gun shot a roll of 50 caps.

While it is certainly similar to some of the other guns of the time, it is clearly another one to add to your collection. The first model of this Cap Gun came without the jewel in the grips.

Photos thanks to Doug Hamilton!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Stevens Bang-O Comparison
This is a comparison of the Bang-O group with no scrollwork on the barrels. You will immediately notice that the one on the bottom is the rare World War II American Flag version.

Photos thank to our good friend Chuck Quinn, one of our advertisers.

Another Stevens Bang-O Comparison
Here's a good comparison of the Bang-O line with the scrollwork on the barrels. I don't quite understand the evolution of this gun, since some of them have a jewel on the grips and some don't and some have scrollwork and some don't.

Photos thank to our good friend Chuck Quinn, one of our advertisers.

Stevens BANG-O Cap Gun - IN GOLD!
Wouldn't you know that Chuck would have a Bang-O in gold? And this one has a nice box too!

Photos thanks to Chuck Quinn, one of our advertisers.
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

And here is the first model of the "BANG-O" without the jewel and also a fine box to go with it. Finding an old box like this after so MANY years is quite remarkable!

Many thanks to Darlene for this photo.

Stevens First Model BANG-O Cap Gun
It must have been quite popular to have so many "incarnations." This version was a first model in nickel finish with no jewels in the grips. Circa 1938-1940.

Photos thanks to Doug Hamilton!
Be Sure To Click On The Thumbnails!

Three examples of the first model of the Bang-O from Stevens from Chuck Quinn. Notice that the bottom has the FANTASTICALLY RARE (!) patriotic grips with the USA Eagle on them. Schleyer says that there are probably only 3 examples of this. Well, here is certainly one of them. Be sure to click and see the larger photo—especially of the rare grips seen below.

Another Stevens First Model Bang-O
I got some more good photos of the first model with a different color in the grips, so I put them here.

Kudos to Bonnie & Bud Kirsch for the photos!
Just for fun, I also decided to add these grips, which are the same as those above, but in white and closer up.

Thanks to Doug Hamilton.

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