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Jon has a wonderful collection and lots of Nichols Cap Guns. His are much nicer than mine. I hope he will adopt me! You can contact Jon at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


Here is an acrylic case that Jon built that has a bunch of his nice cap guns and boxes in it. And the Stallion Model 300 Saddle Gun that is sitting over to the right is actually in a specially built case for it. NOTICE that the Stallion 300's box has virtually no wrinkles in it. A really long box is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get without the sides being very wrinkled. Nice job Jon.

This Silver Pony is almost DEAD MINT! I wish I had it with the mint box.

Now here is an oddity. A box that doesn't even exist. This is the Bogus Box that Troy Greenwood (alias Buz) made for the single action Stallion 22, figuring that it deserved one. The double action model has a yellow box. I have one of those.

Here's a nice rack of various models of Cap Guns. Nice Stallion Model 61 on the left there right a little bullet display in the middle, located right under that Hubley dagger gun and a Remington.

Here's a genuine notched version of the Pasadena first model Stallion 45, but it has one of those neat boxes that came from Dan Dozier of Toy Tent (one of our advertisers). Jon has a set of the aluminum bullets along with the regular bullets here.

Here's a DEAD MINT Silver Mustang with the original box. And if that isn't enough, just wait until you see what's next!

We have a Nichols Silver Colt with the black grips in mint condition. I would love to have a Silver Colt Box. Anybody out there got one? We can see a Hubley Colt 45 on the shelf below it.

Some Stallions, though not in the proper order. A Stallion 32 in the front, followed by a Stallion 38 and then a Stallion 22. Very nice!

Here's a really fine Stallion 45 MK-II with the lid being (gently) propped up in order to show you that it's still connected. Commended by Parent Magazine, of course. These days a magazine that commended a cap gun would probably be burned at the stake. Just a terrible influence upon the youth of today. Set them down on the couch where they should be and let them play Splatter Blood with a Vengeance."

This photo shows some of Jon's miniature Nichols Cap Guns. I see a Spit-Fire (big version with large belt holster) and Pinto (same concept) and a Paint and a couple of Dyna-Mites.

This Cow Puncher (Mint) on the card seems to be moderately common, but still commands a decent price. I have one myself, but it is always a good find.

Here's a Cow-Tyke and a Pony. They are virtually one and the same, and it's possible that there is more difference in the cards than in the guns. (from an engineering point of view)

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