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May as well start this off with a nice bunch of Stallion 45's.

Here's a nice set of Stallions with holsters and bullet clips.

More Stallions, but this time a good variety. Notice the Model 61 at the top is the chrome version, which is more expensive.

And here is a shadow box Kusan version of the Stallion 45. This one appears to be the early model, as I can't see any bullets in the cylinder. The later models had "built-in" bullets.

How's this for a terrific set of Nichols guns? And see? He also has the Stallion Model 61 in blue! Nice gold Stallion 32.

Rifles. The checkering on the 300 Saddle Gun is very unusual.

My favorite, the Stallion 41-40 and a Stallion 32. And of course, what every Buckaroo needs: some caps for the other Nichols guns that use roll caps—especially the Fury and the Mustang 500.

I've always thought that it was a pity that more people didn't collect the boxes. But then, I didn't either. When you're a little kid, you just want to pull that gun out of the box, load it up and go off to show every kid in the neighbor how lucky you are.

I need to build myself a display like this. Now to save up the money!

Nice Tophand Holster Set! I haven't a clue as to what "Place three enclosed rubber feet in base of Holdster set" means, but I do know that "Holdster" is misspelled.

Though this is a really nice gold plated Pinto and box (with holster), I have to think that the box of Stallion Round Caps must be the rarest thing in the photo. I've never seen them before.

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