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Andrew is a jeweler in Melbourne, Australia. He also restores real guns and air guns......and collects Cap Guns (and ray guns). Some really fantastic work. Very painstaking. You can contact Andrew at:

If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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And as they say............."And Now For Something Totally Different." Well, I guess you aren't likely to see anything like the photos that I am going to show you here.

It seems like the world's biggest case of "overkill" to me, but then I wouldn't know a $1,000,000 toy ray gun from a man in a gorilla suit. So, since there are quite a few people out there who collect toy ray guns and some are expensive (see: The Hubley Atomic Disintegrator!), then I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I would just like to have him make some nice cases for me!

Another nice box! I wouldn't mind just having the value of the boxes.

And here's what's on the inside. A Stevens 25 Jr.

He might hate what I've done to his photos, since he sent them with larger, fancier borders, but I have to trim things to preserve bandwidth on this website. But here is another fancy box for a Hubley Dick.

There's no doubt about it, his case is definitely fancier than the one that Hubley sent out with it. But can you imagine Hubley charging $2 for the Cap Gun and $600 for the case?

Here's a small collection of different styles of the Stevens 25 Jr.

Now we're cookin'. Here's a Schmidt Buck 'N Bronc Shoot "N Iron. A big gun. In a nice big case. But this isn't the "BIG GUN" as you might think. Nope, it's the smaller version that is the 8-1/2 inch version—not the regular 10-inch version. Now I didn't know they came in two sizes, but Andrew tells me they did.

This Hero is obviously in one of those fancy boxes too.

Here's an interesting cast-iron Cap Gun. A Stevens Jumbo with an original holster.

Hubley Texan 38 Cap Guns are rare enough, but mint in the box is a real find.

Here's a good assortment of Kilgore Stevens and Hubley guns—WITH BOXES!

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