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Tim Tobin has some really unusual stuff including Cap Guns, knives and CARDBOARD CAP GUNS! I had never before seen any of these. Just punch them out of cereal boxes. Not as realistic, but certainly cheaper and available, that is, back in the Good Old Days. You can contact Tim at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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Here we have a "How The West Was Won" rifle, a Cisco Kid (upper left pistol), Plainsman, (upper right) a Remington 36 with all bullets and a Ramrod. The Ramrod is by Lone Star and is associated with the Rawhide TV series.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It is a How the West Was Won set. That certainly looks like James Arness on the front to me. The How the West Was Won set was made by Kusan

Here is a Rango by Mattel. It's basically a "Cowboy in Africa" Cap Gun, but with a different name. You can just barely see behind the holster where it says, "FANNER 50." This is one I have never seen before. But I don't get around much!

Here are (starting from the top) a Hubley Rifle (The Rifleman), Two Marx Rifles and he says that he didn't know anything about the last one - he just liked it! That's one of my favorite excuses.

What a set of "Mare's Laig" guns! We have (starting at the top and going down from left to right) a 5-1/4 inch miniature (Marx), 13-inch (Marx), Japanese Tin Litho, 17 inch, Esquire, Rayline Pursuer, Rayline Pursuer with holster and bullets and a Knickerbocker Water Gun (the white one). It's amazing how few years that show Wanted Dead or Alive starring Steve McQueen (94 episodes, 1958-1961) was on and yet how popular it was. Conundrum. For instance, Gunsmoke has been on more years, and I don't think those Cap Guns are quite as popular. Perhaps because the "Mare's Laid" is such an unusual style.

Here's an interesting group: Buffalo Bill Scout, Kelly's Rifle, Little Beaver, Bonanza Rifle, Carnell Roundup Rifle, Red River Pistol (left), Westerner Pistol and a Leslie-Henry Texas Ranger

Cowboy in Africa gun collection. It is purely amazing how many guns were named for such a short lived show. All rifles work and are in excellent condition.

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