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Here is one of the finest Cap Gun (and Western Memorabilia) collections on the planet. It's hard to get it all, for it is so vast. Plus, if that isn't enough for you, then Charles has also built his own cabinets and displays too. If that isn't enough, then he even has his own luxury Bed and Breakfast just outside of Fredericksburg, Texas (read: Enchanted Rock) where he displays all of this. He advertises it as the world's largest Cap Gun collection and I would never doubt it.
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


You can find his place if you would like to visit there at:, but I recommend booking way in advance, for it is quite popular. Oh, by the way...I asked him and he pronounces his name, "TROYSSSSSS" that would rhyme with Joyce.

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Steve Arlin took these photos and you are going to have to be somewhat understanding, since they were all taken in Charles' "Museum," which is at his Bed & Breakfast and somewhat in the dark. The showcases are lit, which is great when you are there, but a little difficult when taking photos. Also...taking photos of things behind glass is quite tricky, so we are indebted to Steve Arlin as well.

I hope you'll be forgiving of me if I don't recognize every Cap Gun and every holster and you will just be contented to drool all over your keyboard. This is one of the many showcases out in the middle of the room.

Those of you who have shot photos in near darkness will understand why these are a tad grainy, but I have enhanced them as much as possible without ruining them. And many of them you can also click on to see larger photos. If there is a shortage in the universe of holsters, blame Steve and Charles!

Even I can recognize a few Hubleys and a beloved Nichols Stallion 38 when I see one!

Hoppy would be proud! Of course, Hoppy was the real thing and was very generous with his fans. And his fans loved him right back.

In the foreground we see some Actoy guns and the holster in the front left says, "WYATT EARP." No matter which version of his life you read about, you will know that the ultimate truth is that Wyatt Earp died of natural causes in Los Angeles. These days you have to be lucky to die of natural causes in Los Angeles. Ooooops!!! Now I'll get a lot of bad fan mail for that one. But remember; I never intimated that this website was going to be politically correct and I hope that you folks will outlaw political correctness too! This is AMERICA! As one of my friends said, "If you deny me my God-given 1st Amendment Right, then you're really not going to like my 2nd Amendment Right." :-)

Here is one of the wall displays behind glass. Roy is featured here.

Even cowboy boots for a little kid and spurs! Simply beautiful stuff. It's like the Smithsonian of Cap Guns.

I'm going to take a layman's guess and say that those Cap Guns in the middle are Hubley Cowboys. This is up above the showcases on the walls.

More Hoppy stuff. Charles even had the nerve to steal his saddle. With a complete collection like his, Topper is probably buried in the backyard.

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