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Here is one of the finest small collections that I have seen in awhile. Bob and Pat DeFeis.

You can reach Bob and Pat at:

Dangerous Bob DeFeis

If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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A picture of some of his collection of Mattel's famous guns and holster sets.

This is the Agent Zero W complete box set, rifle, holster, pistol, ankle derringer, in box. In case you wish to be well-informed, this is the same rapid fire rifle that was used for the Planet of the Apes rifle! The same weird combination of Lewis-type machine gun magazine with a Winchester rifle! See that little ankle Derringer? It's the same one that is used on the belt buckle combination.

Mattel Buffalo Hunter set, came with all the stuff you see in the box. This is the second boxed version of the Buffalo Hunter Set that Mattel produced, released around 1964. This rifle was used in several different combinations as they saw fit.

This photo and the one directly above it is of the first set Mattel produced. This set has the all-leather holster and knife sheath. Most of the others you find are suede or cowhide.

A light tan leather version of the Mattel Buffalo Hunter holster. Note no "M" insignia on the holster. There is nothing in any catalogs but it's definitely a Mattel holster.

The picture on the left shows the Mattel Shootin' Shells single shaft. The right shows Mattel Shootin' Shells in yellow. Both are extremely rare.

This Daisy Kid Fast Draw Outfit boxed set is complete and very rare. The cap gun used a two-piece bullet made by Nichols for Daisy. The gun was also made by Nichols. This model gun carried a special twirling trigger.

Colt six shooter rifle with the large .45 Shootin' Shell gun by Mattel.

This is a Fast Draw Gun and Holster Set made by Classy Products Corp, Woodside, NY. There is an Indian in full headdress on the hand grip and the gun reads Buntline Special. It's a six shooter that holds bullets. Very unusual carded set complete with holster and bullets.

This is the Nichols Model 61 with a gray holster. It has an American flag and a Confederate flag on the holster flap and the buckle. I'd love to get more information regarding this holster. I don't find anything in any books I've seen. It looks like the Gray Ghost, but it is not. Maybe some of you knowledgeable folks out there can give me a clue. I do know that it came in several different colors.

Another nice group of Cap Guns lined up on shelves. Is this nice or what? I have a similar shelf right here beside my computer desk, but it is mostly full of real bullets. Every red-blooded American should have at least as many bullets as I do. It keeps the burglars (and TYRANTS) away.

Thanks For The Offering Bob and Pat!

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