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John Bracken not only collects Cap Guns and holsters and all kinds of Western memorabilia, but he also purchased the rights to one of our favorite books, Backyard Buckaroos, written by Jim Schleyer and has reprinted. This is probably the best book ever written on our favorite toys and you can contact John at: 540-740-8065 to purchase one. Thousands of photos and nearly every important Cap Gun ever made. You can e-mail John at:
If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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It looks like John was not only a "Deadeye" in "shootin' iron (the BB Gun) but also in the toy world when he was a kid. However, a nice Nichols G-45 is hardly a kid's gun these days! It would seem to me that BB Guns ought to be one of the best things for an American to collect, since they were invented in America.

Can you imagine being a kid lucky enough to have your own Royal Canadian Mounted Police outfit? I can't.

My guess is that this cap collection is one of a very few in the world. I just don't hear of very many people collecting these. For one thing, anything made out of paper is going to be scarce anyway, as it just doesn't last. Besides if I didn't shoot all of mine, then I hit them on the concrete with a hammer! No wonder I'm deaf.

Here's a bunch of Kilgore Mountie guns. This must be a specialty item. I'm not very familiar with them. To have a box as old as that Border Patrol box is amazing.

Though there were umpteen Hubley Cowboys made, they don't come any better than this one and the boxes? Well, how often do you see one like this?

More Mountie guns and holsters!

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