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Well, finally I have a few photos of one of the finest collections that there is. Chuck Quinn's. A nice thing about Chuck is that he's a doggone nice guy and helpful to everybody in the hobby. His collection is so enormous that words can hardly describe it, but maybe these pages can. You can contact Chuck at:
or call him at: 1-800-585-2392.

If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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Here we begin over the door. We can thank Belinda Quan, one of Chuck's good friends for the work involved in taking the photos and sending them. Thanks Belinda. We hope we get to see some more of the collection!!!


I'm sorry, but I don't recognize this awesome set. I do recognize some Nichols bullets when I see them, but some of the others are Mattel's.

Well, I have to admit again that I don't recognize this set. Chuck has stuff nobody else still has. And QUALITY!!! I'm currently trying to get him to adopt me as his only heir.

Over the door to the office we have some really nice sets. And they are pretty well crammed in next to each other.

Farther down the door we have some more stuff.

And father (again) past the door, we have the rest of this particular wall of crammed-in high quality stuff.

Finally something I can recognize. These look like Halco Marshal Cap Guns. I hope they are, as I have shown my ignorance too many times already.

And around the corner we start another wall just packed with everything you can imagine. Look at that swell Nichols Distributor's Display Board! I would trade one of my real guns for that, but then it is worth more than any of my real guns.

And farther down the bend we have a 2nd and 3rd Nichols Distributor's Display Board. You might think it is the same big board, but notice that it is to the right of Augustus McCrae's photo. (Or Robert Duvall for the rest of you who haven't seen Lonesome Dove!) That display board that has 3 Stallions on it and is a parallelogram is one that I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE—for sale or in a collection. I didn't know that one existed. And look at that Model 94 Rifle right close to it. There's so much high quality Nichols stuff here that I'm about to short circuit the computer by drooling. Just look at that holster. And that Model 61. Arrrrgggghh!!!

Here is a slightly different angle on the above photo with some different light.

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