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I know it seems like this collection never ends, but that is almost the truth. You can contact Chuck at:
or call him at: 1-800-585-2392.

If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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These are NOT great Cap Guns, but it IS the first in the Nichols Series. Therefore, every serious Nichols collector has got to have one. I have about 3 myself, but these are in perfect shape—of course. Hey, it's Chuck!
I have been told by Chuck that the gun on the bottom actually has a slight gold wash to it and a very few of the original Silver Ponies were made with the slightest gold plating, similar to the 49'er by Stevens! Amazing! This is one of them and he has had several people like Belinda and Jim Quan and Steve Arlin, Rich Hall and Jamie Linford see it.

Here is a fabulous cabinet just full of Nichols Cap Guns! Notice the G-45 and the G-32. But hey...there are some Lone Star clones mixed in there on the upper left. What? Usurpers! And there are a bunch of Daisy Model 61's below there. This part of his collection alone would be worth as much as a nice Mercedes.

Here's a close-up of that upper left section showing the Lone Star usurpers. And boxes! Chuck really believes in boxes. So do I. But look!!! There is a copy of the Jacksonville Daily Progress issue that featured the Grand Opening of the Circle N Ranch, back from 1955. Man o man would I love to have a copy of that!

I didn't even know that such a thing existed as this souvenir edition of the paper announcing the Nichols Grand Opening. I may have been there at the time, but I was young and don't remember it. I would have only been 8 years old. And I probably would have been more interested in being with my Uncle Talley than in reading a newspaper.

Here's an UNBELIEVABLE set of scatterguns that were from the TV show The Rebel, starring Nick Adams as Johnny Yuma. These are probably worth more than the average person's Cap Gun collection in toto. The top two are from Classy and the bottom one, with its certificate of designer is from Marx. Very rare!

Now there are other people who also own this set, but folks, it is still quite rare. And this one is in perfect shape. The Gray Ghost set from Lone Star.

Does it never end? Another rarity from Esquire. This is the Shotgun Slade shotgun and matching pistol, holster and BULLETS! I hope you are clicking on these photos to see the bigger views. Apparently it is a shotgun/rifle combination. Have any of you ever seen one of these before?

On my webcounter I find that a lot of people are searching for stuff about Johnny Ringo. I don't know why. He's a bad guy. At least was. I think on the TV show he was a good guy. Maybe just "misunderstood." !!! But this is a very rare bunch from Actoy/Esquire.

And MORE Johnny Ringo stuff. The gun is rare enough, with its lanyard-pull fast draw trick, but the box is EVEN MORE RARE. You know...we all owe a debt of gratitude to people like Chuck, for if they didn't collect this stuff and preserve it, then a huge portion of American History would have simply faded away. Thanks Chuck! And thanks to Belinda Quan for the photos.

My vocabulary isn't good enough to describe how I feel about this photo. The boxes (if they were empty, which they aren't) are worth 10 times as much as my whole collection. And the funny part is that people actually e-mail me wanting to know what I have to sell. I don't have anything to sell. Or they ask me what stuff is worth (sight unseen, of course!) and I haven't a clue. But I know value when I see it and this group is VALUABLE.

A PILE OF BIG HORNS!!! Well, sure there are other things mixed in there too, but the emphasis is on the Big Horns.

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