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Here's some more photos. You can contact Chuck at:
or call him at: 1-800-585-2392.

If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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This picture is one of the first glass cabinets you encounter as you enter this huge upstair office....containing an impressive Hopalong Cassidy collection guarded by a one arm bandit (vintage slot machine), a Hoppy guitar & a Wagon Train guitar.


The next cabinet (door on left) has a pair of Gold Leslie-Henry Hoppy Guns & lots more guns & such.

You can see he has a Lone Star Night Rider (I definitely need to have a bunch of shots of that) and a Lone Star Outlaw Six Gun (more shots needed too!). Is it me, or does it seem that he just has this stuff CRAMMED IN? If you were to get up nice and close, then you would discover that there isn't a piece of junk within 2 miles, which seems to be the size of his collection.

The left side of this cabinet. Barely room for an average-sized mouse and he would have to be an antique too. You can see Buffalo Bill, Davy Crockett, & others.

In the middle of this photo are mint in the pack (MIP) Cap Guns on a Hubley stand. You will also notice what looks like a Bat Masterson walking cane.

Here we have even more MIP Hubley Cap Guns on Hubley stands. Notice that Cap Gun that has a horse's head for a handle. See? It is called a Mustang. I wonder if Chuck has a mint Hubley Texan .45?

Here is a little corner with photos, information and Cap Guns for Alan Ladd (mint of course) w/box & his character, Shane. And in the box is a Shane Holster. Droooool.

Belinda says that all of these photos are making her eyes go blurry with envy. I'm way past that. To be fair, I really don't want all of these Cap Guns. I would be happy with simply a really nice set of Nichols Cap Guns, for that is where my heart is. I wonder why? On the bottom shelf is an extremely rare Peter Breck Black Saddle holster. Few people have this one and most want it.

This photo has a Wyatt Earp Buntline Special and The Gunslinger. While I would like to get close-up photos of the Cap Guns and boxes by themselves, I surely wouldn't want anybody to open an unopened box for me. I guess a person could spend a week here, but he would have to drink a lot of water and carry a bowl under his chin.

A case just chock full of really nice cast iron Cap Guns and I can't tell the names. Hey, I'm an amateur. Chuck is a pro. His cabinets are worth more than my collection!

Here are lots of nice Lone Star Cap Guns. Chuck has so many rare & hard to find pieces that his collection is unbelievably WONDERFUL!

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