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Here is a bunch of Hopalong Cassidy memorabilia, including about everything. I have heard that in 1950 there was $150,000,000 worth of Hoppy stuff made.


Here's an amazing bunch of Hoppy cuffs and holsters and knives and figures. The set in the middle is a DEAD MINT set of gold Hoppy Wyandotte dummy Cap Guns as is marked on the tags. Incredibly rare!

All three of these rare Hoppy guns are ones you are not likely to see very often. The top one is a Lone Star, the middle one is a Leslie Henry, & the bottom one is from New Zealand. The New Zealand version was probably licensed out but perhaps there are enough changes that they qualified to have a gun of their own. But it does make it almost as rare as frog hair.

Belinda says that this is an exceptionally rare box with this holster outfit. It reads "Buffalo Bill One Gun Man" as none of the other Lasso 'em Bill boxes will say this. All of the others of this type are blank with only Lasso' em Bill stated. The Cap Gun is a Stevens 1940 Buffalo Bill. Mint of course.

Here is an extremely rare Kilgore American in that it doesn't shoot caps! For those moms who were scared to death of their own shadows I guess.

Here is a Texas "77" Smoker. I had never seen one of these before. The rearing horse is a dead giveaway that it was made by Leslie-Henry.

Here is the same gun, but in black and with a sales sheet from those "Good Old Days."

Here's a nifty collection of Maverick gun Mint On Card (MOC). From left to right: Leslie-Henry, Leslie-Henry for Halco, Carnell (probably still by Leslie-Henry), and a Halco Derringer on a Nichols-style belt clip.

Underneath the manufacturer's ad is an extremely rare close-up of this Wild Bill Hickok cap gun made by MCK Mfg of Burbank, CA w/ its original box. You can't imagine how few times you will see this gun. This is from the TV show, which was very popular. I loved Andy Devine.

Do you have any idea how expensive this Beautiful Mint, Gold & Rare Leslie-Henry Wild Bill Hickok Double Holster set w/ rare L-H gold pop-up Cap Guns is? Well, it's probably just as well. I don't either, as I don't rotate in those circles and those kinds of people seldom invite me over. But these pop-up gold Leslie-Henry Cap Guns are expensive enough, but when associated with this gold foil double holster set? Well, prepare to get rid of your Corvette. Or prepare to go on welfare, not that being on welfare is a completely disgusting form of human endeavor in a nation reeking with bounty and opportunity. Oh, I'm sorry...did I offend a Liberal?

Here is a Buck 'N Bronc Shoot "N Iron that is a combination of the same style as that Hoppy gold version, but with one of the Buck 'N Bronc grip combinations with the Indian on the cayuse. My guess is that the gun is valuable and the box is priceless, but what do I know? I'm happy to have any box. This one also seems to be properly sealed in shrink-wrapped plastic. Whoever thought of that idea ought to get a free box for his efforts. Click on this photo to see an even bigger photo.

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