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I'm just glad that Chuck has so much stuff. (and perhaps the most patient wife!) But it is wonderful that he is sharing his world with us. You can contact Chuck at:
or call him at: 1-800-585-2392.

If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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Ready for some Gene Autry? Well here is a showcase just crammed full of Gene Autry stuff. And of course, plenty of Cap Guns. Oh, and lest we forget...the smaller showcase to the right is full of Roy Rogers spurs. Off in the distance to the right gives you an idea that there are TONS of Cap Guns and memorabilia. Ocean's Eleven couldn't carry away this much loot!

This is a close-up of a MOC Leslie-Henry Gene Autry ,44 cast-iron Cap Gun and store display. You might offer Chuck $1.98 for it.

A boat load of Gene Autry Cap Guns from various manufacturers. Except for the Klondike, my family never made a character Cap Gun. And when I say a boat load, I mean you could probably sell these gun and buy a boat. These are all Leslie-Henry and HALCO Cap Guns. Some of them are quite rare indeed.

Here are 3 different variations of Gene Autry Rifles. The top 2 are from Leslie-Henry (1955-1960's) and both are cap shooters. The bottom one is from the 1950's, made by West Hollywood Craft Shop and it's a pop gun.

Here's some serious close-up detail of the two cap-firing rifles above. These must be rare as the Dickens.

The Leslie-Henry MOC on the left is super rare with the elliptical grip insert. And the Kenton Cap Guns and boxes on the right are no slouches either! Two of them are fully engraved. These kinds of boxes get rarer by the day. The slightest thing and you degrade them. And there's no turning back!

Rare Keyston Gene Autry holster set. It's all complete and be sure to notice the mint Gene Autry decals along with a fully-engraved Kenton cast-iron Gene Autry Cap Gun. Notice the motto on the front of the book? "Keep 'em HAPPY, HEALTHY and BIZZY." Today it might be, "Keep them on Prozac or Ritalin and give them all of the video games they whine for."

Here's a close-up of that fine Kenton Cap Gun.

This shows a rare Gene Autry pretty blue Keyston holster along with 2 Kenton cast-iron Gene Autry Cap Guns. NOTE: On the black gun it has the rare Gene Autry name on the grip in a special position. It's UPSIDE DOWN!!!

Here's a close-up of the guns and a nickel plated version to show how the grips normally look. All have their original pearl grips (beauties!) and the bottom one is the last silver painted version.

Most of you will never see a display like this one, much less the gun itself. It is a Kenton, as it says, "MFG. BY KENTON HARDWARE CO., KENTON, OHIO, U.S.A." Remember when the USA actually used to manufacture things? I'm old enough to remember. Because my dad and my Uncle Talley actually did! Notice the beautiful grips with no signature on them.

Here's a good grouping of Dale Evans Guns. Buzz Henry on the lower right and the rest are George Schmidt.

Here's some really nice foam-filled, shrink-wrapped Stevens boxes.

And some nice Kilgore boxes too!

Here's a rather incongruous photo—at least for Chuck. You might think that he bought this entire display from somebody else, as it doesn't look like his style. But these are some nice Cap Guns with a good layout.

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