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I know it seems like this collection never ends, but that is almost the truth. You can contact Chuck at:
or call him at: 1-800-585-2392.

If you want your Cap Gun collection featured, then please send your photos to:

(in Uncle Talley's order)


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This is about as rare as it gets. It is a prototype apparently, direct from the Marx factory. This gun is mostly plastic and is a clicker. That's a magnificent eagle on the grip, huh? I wish I had every view of this particular toy pistol, but I'll take what I can get. The tag is signed by the designer and you're not likely to ever see another one of these. On this website, if something was done at the factory or on orders by the factory, then we consider it "legitimate." Period.

More Marx clickers. Remember that all of these photos are thanks to Belinda Quan.

This is an inside peek into one of Chuck's Lone Ranger cabinets. It's filled with high quality, beautiful & fun collectibles!

This one's a little blurry, but we did the best we could. It is a hodge podge of some of Chuck's Lone Ranger stuff.

Here are several Buck 'N Bronc/BB Cowhand varieties. There's one with its checkered grips w/jewels and then one with white & black Indian on a bronco horse grips. Notice the different hammer & lever release. And don't forget to click on these LARGE THUMBNAILS when you get a chance, so you can see more detail.

Here is a nifty shelf of cast-irons (Kenton Bulls Eye, Kilgore Hi-Ho) with boxes.

Here is another shelf of cast irons (Stevens Bango) with lots of boxes & more goodies.

Here are rare JOHN WAYNE Holster sets & other memorabilia. The box alone is worth a large wad of green, I'm sure! The box says "Chancy Toy and Novelty Co., Brooklyn, N.Y."

Here's a pretty good close-up of that holster set.

And to think that I threw all of my comic books away. Actually the real thing I should have saved might have been "MY YOUTH!!!" Youth is definitely wasted on the young. Here we have a small newsstand that would probably set you back about the price of a Lexus.

This is a special (from the factory) Colt 45 set in a cherrywood presentation case with cherry grips! 100% of this is original and dead mint. Very Special! Please notice that unlike the regular production model, the cylinder is not gold. And if you had the ability to look very closely, like I did on the largest photo I received, then you would notice that it looked like it had only been dry-fired about 2-3 times, just to make sure it worked, because it had almost ZERO rubbing around the cylinder where that spring rubs up against it. You can usually tell how much one of these Cap Guns has been played with by noticing where that ring on the cylinder has rubbed. You find one that has zero rubbing and you buy it.

In a couple of places on this website we have multiple copies of the famous FARGO EXPRESS (Made in USA) by Kilgore and so here we have another one. Is this a contest? I don't think so, for it to be a good contest you need a lot of contestants and there aren't going to be any! But this is Chuck's entry anyway. This FARGO has extremely good writing on the grip. As Belinda says, "2 Mint, Unfired & Rare Kilgore cast irons (FARGO EXPRESS & AMERICAN). The AMERICAN has cast iron revolving cylinder while the FARGO EXPRESS has steel revolving cylinder."

This photo shows 2 ORIGINAL, RARE & MINT Leslie-Henry ANNIE OAKLEYS. They're both just beautiful!! No Reproductions here.

Here are 2 cast-iron Kilgore beauties. An exquisite 1st model LONG Tom in polished nickel w/revolving cylinder and rare polished nickel BIG HORN. The stag grips on the BIG HORN are beautiful chocolate-brown swirl color.

Here is a plethora of Long Tom and Long Tom Rogers Cap Guns. There was a goodly amount of reflection from flash and I have helped as much as I could with Photoshop, but you get the idea of the extreme worth of this group. The boxes even have the original wood block at the front of the barrels.

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